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Today’s world presents children with a plethora of opportunities. There are science fairs, internships, scholarships, start-up incubators and lots more to give your child a head-start in this game called life. Help your child take advantage of these opportunities by giving them toys that help her learn high-value subjects like science, technology, engineering, and maths. STEM toys use activity-based learning to teach your child important concepts in these subjects. The activity aspect makes learning simple and fun so that once your child learns something, she never forgets it.


Innovative STEM kits for kids


If you make learning a fun activity, your child will look forward to grasping new concepts. STEM toys acquaint your child with advanced scientific and mathematical concepts in a non-threatening fashion. Plus, these toys and games have a DIY component. These activities help your child apply concepts she’s learnt in real-world scenarios. It’s the practical element that makes STEM toys for kids such a valuable addition to a playroom. 

At Hamleys, you’ll find STEM toys to help your child discover and understand our solar system better. Then there are toys to acquaint her with science equipment and the workings of machines. When it comes to space quests, opt for activity boxes like Jack in the Box’s Space Explorer sets. These boxes encourage your children to use art and craft equipment to build rockets, the solar system, trace constellations and lots more. As your child cuts, pastes or weaves her way through the activity, she’ll memorize names of planets, stars and lot more. Geosafari’s toy telescopes will foster a love for astronomy in your child.

Eduscience has cool DIY solar system STEM toys invites your child to make her own solar system using the tools given. Their star projectors have updated star catalogues and a search function to help your child learn about various planets, stars and constellations from within her room. GeoSmart’s magnetic blocks can be used to build remote-controlled moon landers and lunar rovers.

If your child is curious about augmented reality and the way machines work, a robot or a drone will make for a great gift. These STEM learning toys acquaint them with the engineering that goes into making these toys, the coding that goes into making them work and lots more. We have robots shaped like animal figures which are quite popular among children. Robot dogs can bark and do tricks, while butterfly-shaped drones can fly, hover and even take pictures. These toys prepare your child to make it big in a tech-savvy world. It might even inspire her to pursue robotics and make life-saving robots of her own.

If your child wants to follow in Dexter’s footsteps, gift him science kits that allow him to set up his own lab at home. These STEM kits for kids help your child make slime, kinetic sand and experiment with other safe substances. Toy microscopes will encourage your child to take a closer look at things to see what they hold.


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We understand that every child is unique and has the capacity to learn. That’s why we offer STEM toys for both boys and girls. Watch your little one play with these toys and strengthen her ambition to become a scientist, biologist, mathematician and lots more.

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