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Children love having plush toys next to them. In fact, the more stuffed toys, the better. These giant-teddy bears and huggable toys become a source of comfort and protection for them. Their always-smiling faces put your child at ease while their presence makes your child feel like they always have a companion. Shop for soft toys online now to help your little one form fond childhood memories. Ones featuring soothing shades and cute features to put your child in a relaxed mood. We at Hamleys offer a vast collection of soft toys for kids because we understand how big a role these toys play in your child’s life.


Adorable soft toys for kids


Apart from serving as a source of comfort, these toys also play important roles in your child’s imaginative escapades. They join her at tea parties, trips to lands full of fairies and help her fight pirates and dragons on rescue missions. Help your child weave stories full of adventure by gifting her different types of soft toys for babies.

We have toys in the shapes of animals and birds. There are cute elephants and owls, flamingos, unicorns, giraffes, hippos and more. We also have aquatic animals like whales, sharks, dolphins, and crocodiles. By playing with these toys, your child will be familiarising herself with all the members of the animal kingdom. It’ll also help cultivate love and respect for nature. These quirky soft toys come in different sitting and standing positions. When shopping for soft toys online, opt for ones that have bright colours, sparkly eyes and innocent expressions. Some of these toys also have reversible sequins. This sparkly cover flips over to reveal a new one every time you run your hand over it.

If your child is craving a pet, opt for our cat and dog interactive soft toys. Some of these toys come with cool accessories like a toy leash, treats and a poop scooper. Since these toys need to be fed, taken for a walk and even have their poop collected, your child will get a taste of looking after a real pet. These stuffed animals can turn your child into an animal lover and might even make her interested in zoology.  Our other character soft toys include ones like Lumies’ Pixie Pop. These pompom pets turn into the colour they touch. Plus, they make sound effects and respond with phrases. Your child can learn to identify colours by playing with these toys.

We know that children absolutely adore teddy bears. So, we have ones dressed in cute costumes like dresses, dressing gowns and t-shirts. When shopping for soft toys online, you will also find teddy bears dressed as a pilot, policeman, circus ringmaster and more. Your child will enjoy weaving imaginative teddy tales with all these toys. Apart from these, we have toys shaped like popular cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse and his friends and even ones shaped like Peppa Pig and more. These high-quality toys make for great collectables as they look great on your display shelves. If your child likes her soft toys to accompany her everywhere, you could opt for stuffy animal backpacks, wristlets and more. We also have quirky dolls and puppets your child will love to play with.


Shop for soft toys online at Hamleys


We at Hamleys understand that such toys are a childhood staple. So, we ensure that our toys are non-toxic for your child’s safety, machine-washable for easy care and durable enough to withstand several hours of play. Browse through our user-friendly website to buy toys your child will love to have and hold.