The Hamleys Story

Anyone who has visited a Hamleys shop knows that its more than just a shop. It’s an
incredible experience - history and fun all rolled into one. Here’s how that came to be.

A dream fulfilled

In 1760, a Cornishman from Bodmin, England, William Hamley opened a toy shop in Holborn, London with the dream of making it ‘the best toy shop in the world!’. Little did he know that this was just the beginning of something very big.

Spreading the joy

Never in his wildest dreams would William Hamley have imagined how far and wide Hamleys would spread. Today, there are 170 Hamleys shops in over 18 countries, like UK, India, UAE, China and Russia that offer children an abundance of fine toys to choose from.

A delightful experience

Every Hamleys store offers children a magical experience, and adults the rare chance to be children again. It’s where they get to play with toys, watch live demos of toys, and interact with their favourite toy characters.

From India to the world

The Indian chapter of the Hamleys story is quite amazing. With 100+ stores in 36 cities, and many more in the making, Hamleys has become the most loved toyshop in India. Today, you can go online, walk into a mall, or an airport, and enjoy the trademark Hamleys experience.

The Hamleys promise

Easy returns

Sometimes you pick up the wrong toy. Which is why we offer a no questions asked 1 month (from the time of purchase) return. All you have to do is show us the invoice, and ensure the toy is unopened, undamaged, and in sellable condition. It’s that simple.
Check out our refund policy for additional information.

Quality assurance

All products sold on the Hamleys website are certified for the highest quality of materials and child safety. We handpick toys only from ethical and reputed brands. We don’t play around when it comes to quality.

Free delivery

Hamleys is all about spreading joy. Which is why we charge nothing for delivering your packages to your doorstep. Just like Santa.