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LEGO toys


Children enjoy playing with these toys because they get to create interesting things out of blocks. LEGO puzzles and toys have a wide variety of shapes and connectors, which means that one can build almost anything using them. This creative challenge is what children enjoy the most. Help your child construct wonderful things by bringing home LEGO toys from Hamleys.


Creative LEGO toys at Hamleys


These toys are ideal for children of any age. Children aged 12-24 months will enjoy playing with simple LEGO block puzzles that come with few pieces. These pieces can be assembled to create animal shapes, numbers, letters, or geometric patterns to help your child learn these concepts in a fun way.

Children aged 3-4 years are fascinated by cartoon characters and know what their favourite movies are. That’s why LEGO toys for this age group feature movie themes, like Frozen Ice Castle set or ones inspired by Toy Story or Batman. LEGO games for children of this age group also center around civic services, like supermarkets, fire stations, and playgrounds, to familiarise children with civic spaces they’re likely to encounter in their vicinities. Your children will enjoy playing with a set like the LEGO City Sky Police Jet Patrol Building Blocks set.

For older children, LEGO offers puzzles and toys that contain more components and are hence, more challenging. Children aged 5-6 years enjoy playing with toys that offer more thrill. If your child likes automobiles, pick sets that let you build a monster truck, helicopter, or construction bulldozer. You could also choose action-packed LEGO toys like a Forest Fire set or sets dedicated to a police helicopter chase or highway chase. If your child is looking for something a little calmer but very fashionable, you could pick up Disney princess-themed LEGO games.

Children aged 7-9 years and older will enjoy playing with LEGO sets inspired by popular films. You could confidently opt for LEGO toys that have more complexity and even an interesting storyline. Harry Potter LEGO sets are particularly popular among children. Or you could pick up toys thatcenteredntred around an activity like the Dolphins Rescue Mission set or ones around a funny octopus’ ride.

There are also several LEGO brain games and puzzles inspired by the very popular LEGO movie. Hamleys offers all these and more to aid your child’s cognitive, social, and emotional development.


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