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Barbie dolls


Children love dolls, and when it comes to dolls, Barbie is on every child’s lips. This iconic doll has been around right since the 1950s and has been a playtime staple since then. At Hamleys, you’ll find a vast collection of Barbie dolls. You’ll find this doll in all her quirky avatars so that your child stays inspired and imaginative. While shopping for Barbie dolls online, don’t forget to add matching accessories and playsets to your list as these functional additions will help your child set the stage before playing.


Cool Barbie doll sets


Children love playing with dolls because the activity unlocks their imaginations. They go on adventures with their dolls and enter into make-believe worlds filled with dragons and fairies. Children also enjoy confiding in their dolls and even feel comforted by their presence. Help your child find a friend in Barbie by gifting her dolls from Hamleys.

Our Barbie sets are a hit with children because of the cool accessories that come as part of the set. These Mattel toys feature different themes, like tea parties, travel, babysitter, and others. Accessories in the Barbie set match the theme, so babysitter sets come with items like a crib, crib mobile, feeding chair, sipper, and even a baby doll that looks alive. Our tea party set comes with pretty cups and saucers, a teapot, and more. We also have a series of career-focused dolls like the Barbie career scientist doll as well as options that portray her as a dentist, veterinarian, teacher, builder, chef, hairdresser, and lots more.

As your child gets these Barbie baby dolls to write the alphabet on the blackboard or heal pets with the right medicines, she will be increasing her knowledge, as well as exploring different professions she might like to pursue in the future. These sets are ideal for children aged 5-6 years and beyond as they will enjoy playing with these toys on playdates and sleepovers. If your child has to take a gift along to one of these social events, opt for the Barbie Dreamtopia dress-up gift set. This comes with three outfits that transform Barbie into a princess, fairy, or mermaid.

Then there are activity-based Hamleys toys that engage your child in more ways than one. If your child loves fashioning things with her own hands, opt for our Barbie Slime Mermaid kit. This kit allows your child to make fashionable mermaid tails for Barbie, while our emoji-inspired sets offer your young fashion designer a chance to design Barbie’s apparel using stickers.

The Barbie Crayola Mermaid set lets your child dress up barbie using crayons and sketch pens. As your child thinks up new patterns, she’ll become more attuned to recognizing shapes, patterns, and colour combinations. These Barbie sets are ideal for children aged 3-4 years and above. We also have dolls in different avatars like Barbie as a pop star, princess, explorer lots more. The Wedding Fantasy Barbie doll sees this popular doll dressed up in traditional Indian attire. There are also Ken dolls for your child to play with.

Along with dolls, you’ll find Barbie-themed products like bowling sets, sling bags, soft flip flops that are ideal for children aged 12-24 months, school bags, and lots more. Complement these items with other toys from our collection to help your child enjoy a fun-filled playtime. Hamleys games like board games or puzzles also make for great playroom additions.


High-quality Barbie dolls at Hamleys


Hamleys toys are built to last, so you can be assured that your child has a toy that will withstand many a play session and imaginative experiment. Explore our user-friendly website to shop for dolls, dollhouses, soft toys, and lots more. Our doorstep delivery policy ensures your product reached your doorstep on time.