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Cool cycles at Hamleys

Children have boundless energy and enthusiasm. One moment they’re asking countless questions about space and the next, they’re darting about on the playground with their friends. They like to have something to do all the time. A great way to help them to use up all that energy is by teaching them to ride a bicycle. It might seem daunting at first, but once your children get the hang of it, they’ll love hopping on their bikes and riding around the neighbourhood. Riding a bike is almost like a rite of passage for a child. These cycling escapades will leave your child with memories that will last a lifetime.

Cycles for kids

Your child might want to ride an adult bike, but a good place for her to start is on a child-safe one. Hamleys offers a range of cycles for kids.  They have been designed keeping in mind your child’s needs, motor skills and safety. A tricycle is a great starting cycle for your child. Trikes have an additional wheel for added balance, so you won’t have to worry about the tricycle tipping over even if it’s stationary. At Hamleys, you can choose from a collection of attractive kids cycles. They feature popping sporty colours that sure to catch your child’s eye, while their many safety features will put your mind at ease.

All our kids cycles come with functional accessories like a removable telescopic handle for extra balance. These handles make it easy for you to teach your child how to ride a bike. No more stooping to hold the backseat, you can simply hold the ergonomic handle and push your child’s bicycle like a stroller. Once your child gets comfortable pedalling, dismantle the handle to let her ride by herself. Our ride-ons include other safety features include a seatbelt to keep your child strapped in her seat, a steering lock and a free wheel on/off the system. Our cycles also have a cool basket in front that your child can use to store toys. Slip in her favourite soft toy or doll so that your little one has her favourite buddy with her on her outdoor adventures. Our pink cycles are a hit with little girls, while our red and black ones make for great boys cycles.

Benefits of children’s cycles

As your child gets stronger, she wants to explore the world on her feet. Getting a sturdy girls cycle will help her achieve this quest with ease. Cycling is highly beneficial for children as it makes them independent, improves hand-eye coordination and strengthens motor skills. Plus, it’s a great way for children to bond with their friends and siblings. Older children can take their tricycles and bicycles along with them on outdoor trips. Let them pedal along the shore on beach trips or explore the woods on camping trips. Join them to get some exercise yourself while also keeping a watchful eye on your little one. Tents, inflatables and beach toys make these outings a lot of fun. When the little ones want some downtime on the trip, keep them engaged by opening a Lego kit. This will get their creative juices flowing and keep them occupied while you wrap up necessary chores.

Along with being a great form of exercise, cycling is also good for the environment. By getting your child a girls cycle, you can teach her valuable lessons about conserving energy and protecting the environment. Taking to cycling early on may nurture a life-long passion for the activity in your little one. It may even encourage her to explore outdoor sports or competitive cycling as she grows up.

Cycling can also help your child relieve stress after a hectic day at playschool. Once your children are done with academic learning for the day, encourage them to explore life’s lessons by riding their cycles, playing indoor games or spending time with the family.  A Fisher-Price set will keep them entertained for hours, or they could develop their problem-solving skills by solving Disney puzzles.

Must-have games for your child

Your child’s mind is like a sponge; lessons and learnings absorbed now will last a lifetime. That’s why it’s important to keep their mind as active as their body. At Hamleys, you can shop for a range of premium toys designed to spark your child’s imagination. Your son will love racing with his Hot Wheels toy set. Setting up the track and racing his car down it can help him learn key physics concepts in a fun way. Board games and puzzles are great additions to the playroom. They exercise your child’s mind and encourage her to think creatively. You could also invest in skates and skateboards as they will help your child develop balance and strength in an enjoyable fashion. Help your children burn their energy and stay fit by encouraging them to play outdoor games, like cricket or badminton. Or they could simply hop on their cycles and go for a long ride.

Best bicycles for kids at Hamleys

We at Hamleys understand the role toys play in your child’s life. And so, we do our utmost to make children’s play equipment interesting, durable and child-safe. Our children’s bicycles are made with the same amount of thought and care. Our tricycles are built to last a long time and double up as 16-inch bicycles as your child grows. Get your child a bike to help her enjoy the joys of childhood. There’s nothing like feeling the breeze on your face as you paddle down the road with friends. We want every child to enjoy this experience and so offer discounts on bikes from time to time.

Shopping at Hamleys is a joyful experience for you and your child. You can browse through our collection of toys, tricycles and dolls without leaving the comfort of your home. Our products are of the highest quality and will be delivered right to your doorstep. With a user-friendly website and an easy returns policy, shopping at Hamleys is convenient and exciting.