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Calling all Creativity Ninjas and Playful Pirates!

Welcome to Hamleys Activity Kits & Toys haven, a treasure trove overflowing with endless possibilities for creative exploration, imaginative learning, and playful fun! Here, you'll discover a captivating collection catering to all ages, interests, and skill levels. Whether you're seeking engaging DIY art kits to unleash your child's inner artist, captivating science experiments to ignite their curiosity, or classic board games for quality family time, Hamleys has it all!


Fueling Creativity and Nurturing Young Minds:


Activity kits and toys are more than just playtime entertainment; they're powerful tools for fostering crucial skills in children. Our meticulously curated selection allows kids to:

  • Develop Creativity & Imagination: Open-ended art and craft kits, building sets, and imaginative play activities spark creativity and ignite a child's imagination. From DIY slime kits to fashion design sets, we offer endless opportunities for self-expression and creative exploration.
  • Sharpen Fine Motor Skills: Activities that involve manipulating objects, sculpting clay, using tools, or building with intricate components encourage the development of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity.
  • Ignite Curiosity & Encourage Problem-Solving: Science experiment kits, coding games, and construction sets challenge young minds and spark a love for learning. These engaging activities encourage critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a sense of discovery.
  • Boost Confidence & Self-Esteem: The successful completion of activities, mastering new skills, and creating something unique fosters a sense of accomplishment and boosts confidence.


Unforgettable Family Fun & Creative Exploration:


Activity kits and toys are not just for solo play! They're a fantastic way to create lasting memories and strengthen family bonds. Engage in a DIY crafting session together, build a magnificent LEGO creation, or compete in a family board game night – the possibilities are endless!


The Perfect Present for Every Occasion:


Searching for a thoughtful and engaging gift for a birthday, holiday, or any occasion? Look no further than's Activity Kits & Toys category! With a diverse selection for all ages and interests, you're sure to find the perfect present that will spark joy and ignite a love for learning and creativity.


A World of Choices Awaits:


DIY Art & Craft Kits:

Spark Creativity: Explore a world of vibrant colors, textures, and endless possibilities with our collection of DIY art and craft kits. From tie-dye kits and slime-making sets to fashion design activities and jewelry making, we cater to every creative whim.

Activity Tables & Boards:

Educational Fun: Engage young minds with interactive activity tables and boards featuring lights, sounds, and a variety of activities that introduce letters, numbers, shapes, and even coding concepts.

Board & Card Games:

Classic Fun & Family Time: Relive timeless favorites like Monopoly and Scrabble or introduce them to new strategy games and educational card games.

Clay & Dough:

Mold Their Imagination: Let them sculpt, create, and explore their artistic side with a variety of clay and dough options.

Sand, Slime & Others:

Sensory Play: Keep them entertained for hours with engaging sensory play activities including kinetic sand, slime kits, and sensory bottles.

Pocket Money Range:

Affordable Fun: Find a variety of exciting and creative activities at pocket-friendly prices, perfect for impulse buys and small gifts.


A Trusted Shopping Experience:


At, we are committed to providing a safe and secure shopping experience. All our activity kits and toys are from trusted brands and adhere to stringent safety standards. We offer a user-friendly online shopping platform with easy navigation, secure payment options, and hassle-free delivery.


Unleash the Power of Play Today!


Explore our extensive Activity Kits & Toys collection at and embark on a journey of creative exploration, imagination, and endless learning. With options for every age group, interest, and skill level, we have the perfect activity kit or toy to ignite their curiosity, empower them to learn through play, and create lasting memories.



1. What kind of activity kits and toys do you offer? is your one-stop shop for sparking creativity and igniting imaginations! We offer a vast selection of activity kits and toys, including:

    • DIY Art & Craft Kits: Unleash their inner artist with tie-dye kits, slime labs, jewelry making sets, and themed kits featuring popular characters like Barbie, Paw Patrol, and Peppa Pig.
    • Activity Tables & Boards: Interactive learning stations with lights, sounds, and engaging activities that teach letters, numbers, shapes, and even coding.
    • Board & Card Games: Classic favorites like Monopoly and Scrabble and exciting new strategy games and educational card games.
    • Clay & Dough: Play-Doh, sculpting clay, and various dough options to squish, sculpt, and create anything their imagination desires.
    • Sand, Slime & Other Sensory Play: Kinetic sand, slime kits, mesmerizing sensory bottles, and other fun activities that engage their senses.
    • Pocket Money Range: Budget-friendly creative activities, perfect for small surprises or impulse buys.
    • 2. What are the benefits of activity kits and toys?

      These kits and toys go beyond just fun – they offer a multitude of developmental benefits, including:

      • Boosts Creativity & Imagination: Open-ended projects and DIY activities encourage creative thinking and imaginative play.
      • Enhances Fine Motor Skills: Working with clay, sculpting, building with sets, and intricate craft projects improve hand-eye coordination and dexterity.
      • Sparks Curiosity & Problem-Solving Skills: Science experiment kits and coding games encourage exploration, questioning, and critical thinking to solve problems.
      • Builds Confidence: Completing an activity, building something cool, or creating a masterpiece provides a significant confidence boost.
      • 3. Do you have activity kits suitable for young children?

        Absolutely! We have a fantastic selection of age-appropriate kits and toys for toddlers and preschoolers, focusing on easy-to-use materials, vibrant colors, and engaging activities that promote learning through play.

      • 4. Are these activity kits and toys safe for children?

        Safety is our top priority. All our activity kits and toys are from trusted brands and adhere to the highest safety standards.