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Outdoor toys for kids


Children need the right amount of exercise to grow into strong and healthy adults. The best way to get them to exercise is by making it a fun activity. Get your child interested in outdoor activities by gifting him toys meant for the great outdoors. The more sports toys your child has, the more your child will be motivated to engage in physical activities. Whether it’s a cricket set or a trampoline, your child will love to have toys that get him to break a sweat. Hamleys has a range of outdoor toys for kids. Take your pick based on your child’s interest.


A variety of sports toys at Hamleys


Physical activity not only strengthens your child’s muscles but also teaches him to focus on the present. As your child indulges in team sports, they’ll develop a competitive spirit and learn to become a team player. Victories and defeats bring with them remarkable life lessons as well. Help your child enjoy all of this by introducing him to the right kind of sports toys.

If your child is interested in badminton, tennis or table tennis, opt for equipment for racket sports and accessories. At Hamleys, you can shop for durable tennis rackets, tennis balls, and lots more. You will also find cricket kits that come with a cricket bat, ball, wickets, and a stand for the stumps. These kits are portable and will keep your child occupied for hours during vacations. Another toy that’s great for outdoor play is a trampoline. Your child will enjoy bouncing up and down with his friends.

When it comes to ball sports and accessories, Hamleys has a wide collection to choose from. We have balls for every sport, like basketball, volleyball, baseball, and football. You can also shop for functional accessories like basketball hoops, goalposts, dodgeball vests, and lots more. Our water bouncing balls are meant to be thrown along the water’s surface. These sports toys skip on the water like pebbles and are great fun to watch. Get your child’s grey cells going by gifting him a puzzle ball. These balls feature different pieces that need to be put together in the right manner to form the ball. If your child likes to play catch, gift him one of our catching gloves and ball sets. We also have other outdoor toys like brightly colored frisbees; your child will love tossing around. These sports toys will improve your child’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

We also have outdoor leisure toys that put a contemporary spin on traditional toys. Our slingshots with foam balls will help your child sharpen his aim and remind him of old-school catapults. We also have bow and arrow sets to help your little archer practice his skills. You can shop for golf sets, foosball tables, cycle helmets, and lots more at Hamleys. You can also shop for all-round sports kits that create the perfect space for your child to play hockey, cricket, hoops, and more. If your child likes zooming around of wheels, get him a cycle or skates and skateboards.

Along with sports toys, give your child sufficient toys to indulge in indoor sports. A chess set or carrom board will keep him engaged for hours. A table tennis set too is a great toy for your child. It’ll help him burn energy and master the rules of the game as he plays.


Durable sports toys at Hamleys


At Hamleys, we understand that children like toys that are durable, easy to play with, and comfortable to use, which is why all our outdoor toys have these qualities. They come in sizes designed for your children, are built to last, and are creative enough to challenge them.

Shopping at Hamleys is a seamless experience. Browse through our website to shop for tents, cycles, sports toys, and lots more. Our products are durable, functional, and are delivered to your doorstep. With a user-friendly website and an easy returns policy, shopping at Hamleys is effortless.