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Kids electric cars


Children love to imitate grown-ups. They enjoy wearing daddy’s shoes, playing with mommy’s purse or mimicking actions they see adults make. That’s why children are fascinated with cars and bikes because these are automobiles adults in their lives drive. Give your child a taste of riding a car on her own by gifting her children’s electric cars. At Hamleys, we have an extensive collection of them. Select a make and model that will wow your child and make her feel like she’s riding a real car.


Realistic ride-on cars for children


Battery-operated jeeps and cars are a rage with children. These cars look like the real deal, so your little one will feel like she’s driving one of the latest cars. In our range of battery cars for kids, we have ones that imitate popular models made by top automobile brands. You’ll find cars by Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Bentley, Audi and more at Hamleys. The best part about these novelty ride-ons is that they also have realistic features. Some of them have headlights, taillights and turn lights. Several of them come with horns and a music system. Your child will love hearing ignition sounds when the cars starts up and acceleration sounds when he zooms around.

These ride-on cars also have other cool features, like a music system, USB port, rearview mirrors and a power display system. All these features familiarise your child with car parts and systems at an early age. Electric battery ride-ons may also make your child curious about automobile engineering and physics concepts related to speed or distance. They make for good first ride-ons because these cars can be manually operated and have parental controls. As your child gets familiar with all the features and develops better control over the vehicle, you can give her more control. These battery-operated jeeps have forward and reverse gear sticks, a foot accelerator, rechargeable batteries, multiple forward speeds and lots more. Plus, these buggies and ATVs have doors that actually open, giving your child the feel of a real-world car.

Watch your child steer her way around the house or your backyard. By driving these kids jeeps and cars repeatedly, your child will be able to understand directions better. She will also improve her hand-eye coordination, focus and ability to navigate between obstacles. Plus, you can teach her about safety rules like wearing a seatbelt, using turn lights and other driving rules.

Along with such power wheels for kids, you could also opt to buy bikes and trikes. These vehicles make for good learning vehicles because they provide extra balance. Scooters too make for good learner vehicles. These sleek ride-ons are easy for your child to navigate. She’ll love exploring the neighbourhood on her scooter. Post this, your child can move on to riding swing cars. These will give her a feel of steering a vehicle and controlling speed. When your child is confident, driving and riding on her own, opt for electricity-powered jeep and bikes.


Cool kids electric cars at Hamleys


Your child will love the battery-operated cars in our collection because of their contemporary designed, elegant colours and hyper-realistic features. Browse through our user-friendly website to shop for toy automobiles for your child. The best part is that you can get them delivered right at your doorstep. Our easy returns policy ensures you get exactly what you need.