Avengers toys


Children love superheroes because they represent all that is good with the world. Superheroes fight the bad guys so that good triumphs over evil. Plus, they are incredibly strong and powerful, thanks to their supernatural powers. Children like their favourite superheroes to be by their side to protect them. If your little one is a Marvel fan, bring home Avengers toys to put a smile on your child’s face. At Hamleys, we have toys inspired by every member of the Avengers team, from Tony Stark to Thor. 


Cool Avengers toys at Hamleys 


Our superhero figures are incredibly popular with children aged 5-6 years. These toys aren’t complicated and lend themselves to hours of imaginative play. Kids enjoy using Endgame Deluxe Figures or Avengers action figures to create Avengers games of their own. As they think up make-believe worlds where their superheroes duel it out or save the world, your child gets a chance to immerse himself in imaginative play. These creative storylines hone your child’s story-telling skills and motivate him to keep thinking out of the box. By playing with Avengers toys like Iron Man, Hulk and others, your child is inspired to develop noble qualities as well, just like his favourite superhero.

At Hamleys, you’ll also find wearable Avengers toys like Marvel Avengers Electronic Gauntlet which your child can actually slip on his hands. This will make him feel like he’s actually a part of the Avengers universe and has control over the Infinity Stones. In your child’s Avengers games, will he destroy the world like Thanos, or save it like Captain America?

Other cool Avengers toys your child will love are our foam dart-guns. These Avengers Infinity War toys like the Infinity War Nerf Hulk Assembler Gear will make your child feel like a real action hero. This gun has a Hulk-inspired design and different blaster combinations. It also includes a gauntlet so that your child can strap the gun on his hand. These Avengers superhero gadgets are ideal for children aged 7-9 years.

Apart from these Avengers toys, we also have products like an Avengers-inspired analogue wrist watch. The belt and dial of this watch have an Iron Man-theme. Your child will love sporting this watch to birthday parties and other outings. Other Avengers games your child will love to have in the outdoors are our Avengers-themed 3-wheel scooters. These lightweight bikes are foldable and come with a brake and stand. Your child will love racing against his friends on these super-fast scooters.

If your child is around 3-4 years and is just starting school, make going to school a fun experience by gifting him Avengers-inspired stationery and school supplies. Our Avengers Reversible School Bag will make your child feel like a cool kid, and he’ll love toting around his books in it. These bags come with prints on both sides so that your child does not get bored carrying the same bag. On rainy days or to protect your child against harmful UV rays, encourage him to carry along an Avengers-inspired umbrella. We also have luggage bags, diecast cars, guitars and masks inspired by the Avengers theme.


High-quality Avengers toys at Hamleys


We understand that our action figurines and other toys will be engaged in some serious fights and rescues. But just like the original superheroes, their toy counterparts are durable and are built to withstand the goriest battles. With Avengers toys from Hamleys, your child is sure to enjoy hours of uninterrupted play.

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