We live in a world that never stops moving, breaking barriers to achieve new heights, every day. And now stands in front of us, a revolution in the world of mobility.

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Welcome to the world of Astra

Welcome to the world of Astra

Built for urban adventures and beyond. The Spirit of Astra encapsulates the necessity of progress, agility and safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Battery not charging, what do I do?

    To charge the battery, first insert the charging pin in the battery & then switch on the Power. Check if RED light is ON on the charger.
    If charger does not turn on the red light, please visit your nearest dealer to get the battery voltage checked.

  • Throttle not working, what do I do?
    • 1.Check if the throttle connection is OK.
    • 2.Check if the brakes are not engaged.
    • 3.Check if brakes connection is OK.
  • What is the max load I can carry on carrier?

    The max load carrying capacity of carrier is 25 Kgs.

  • Can I use the e-bike in rain?

    Yes, all of our e-bikes are IP 65 rated.

  • What type of bikes does ASTRA offers?

    We have a wide range of bikes starting from Kids Bike, City Bike, MTB, Gravel & E-bikes.

  • Why should I buy an e-bike?

    E-bikes offer enhanced mobility, making commuting efficient and enjoyable. They provide exercise while reducing physical strain, conquer hills effortlessly, cut transportation costs, lower environmental impact, and bring fun to cycling. E-bikes are versatile, eco-friendly, and a smart choice for health, convenience, and sustainability.

  • What is the max speed of an e-bike?

    The maximum speed of an e-bike is limited to 25 KMPH as per governemnt regulations. For Prix (Kids e-bike, max speed is 15 KMPH)

  • How to asemble the bike?

    The bikes should be assembled by a trained techinican as these required fine tuning of some critical components.

  • How often to get the bike serviced?

    Bike servicing is recommended every 3 months or depending on the wear & tear of components.

  • What the warranty offered on the bike?

    For a normal Bike
    Frame: Lifetime
    Components: 6 Months

    For e-bike:
    Frame: 5 years
    e-components: 1 year
    battery: 2 Years
    mechanical Components: 6 months