• Age Group 3-4
  • Age Group 4-6
  • Age Group 6-8
  • Age Group 3-4
    Subscription Starts at
  • Age Group 4-6
    Subscription Starts at
  • Age Group 6-8
    Subscription Starts at

Each Subscription Consist Of 4 Boxes

The Product

No Need to go hunting for a different game, book or toy again and again – Hamleys Out Of The Box
takes care of everything

How it works

The Hamleys “Out Of The Box” is curated especially by Hamleys toy experts inquisitive minds. Each box is
designed to aid the development journey of your child and caters equally to learning, play and skill.
You can choose subscription according to age, frequency and most of all need of your child

  • Choose Your Box

    Every box is different so choose box according to age of your child

  • Subscription Frequency

    As per your preference, you can select a weekly, fortnightly or monthly plan

  • Yay! It’s Done

    now sit and relax as we will deliver your box of happiness according to your subscription plan

Product Details

Each box is designed to aid the developmental journey of your child and caters equally to
learning, play and skill. With a knowledge enhancing book, three skill development activity kits, one fun toy and a surprise gift, every box is a perfect amalgamation of learn & fun.

The Benefits

Every box is different and includes fun ways of developing cognitive skills, STEM learning, imagination and
creativity while encouraging independent play.


A book to enhance knowledge, language and reading skills

Learning and Fun

Learning made fun through activities & IQ enhancing content


A surprise gift with every box

Skill Development & Activity Kit

Activities focused on developing logical thinking, fine motor and social skills


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What is the Hamleys “Out of the Box”?

The Hamleys “Out of the Box” subscription boxes are a One-Click solution for all your child’s developmental needs. A subscription model that adapts to your child’s lifestyle providing options for delivery based on his/her activity levels.

The boxes cater to children in the following age groups:

  • 3-4 years
  • 4-6 years
  • 6-8 years

Why should I subscribe?

Hamleys “Out of the Box” is a great way to encourage your child's creativity and enhance skill development while weaning them off screens.

Not only do they encourage independent play, they also ensure holistic development and learning through a range of activities & games.

Moreover, you can spend all that time that you have saved by not going to the stores or scrolling through countless websites with your little ones. The boxes take care of everything!

How does it work?

Step 1 – Choose your child’s age group.

Step 2 – Chose the frequency based on your child’s preferences.

Step 3- Book your “Out of the Box” subscription!

And you’re done!

What’s inside the box?

With each subscription you get a curated set of 4 boxes each containing the following:

  • BOOKS - to enhance knowledge, language & reading skills
  • LEARNING & FUN - IQ enhancing and STEM learning based content made fun through activities
  • SKILL DEVELOPMENT - Activities and games focused on developing and enhancing imagination, logical thinking, cognitive, motor and social skills.
  • ACTIVITY KITS- DIY activities to help explore creativity and imagination
  • NOVELTY- Lifestyle products, Surprise toys, Stationery and more
  • With each unboxing your child receives a new Surprise/special Gift as well.