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Adorable dolls for kids at Hamleys

Dolls are more than toys for children. They double up as companions, confidants and play buddies. As your daughter builds a magic castle for her doll, or your son plots adventures with his, their mind gets the stimulation it needs to think and express. We at Hamleys understand this and offer doll sets that are designed to spark your child’s imagination. Our premium doll sets combine quality, functionality, and fun to make playtime enjoyable and filled with endless possibilities.

When it comes to picking a toy to join them in their imaginative escapades, children want a cool companion. The evergreen Barbie is on every girl’s wish list, followed by her sparkly counterpart, the L.O.L Surprise dolls. Our expansive collections of both dolls will make your child spoilt for choice. We have career-oriented Barbies saving the world as a dentist or scientist. Or your little one might relate with Barbie the pop star, the princess, or the fashionable mermaid. These doll sets come with theme-inspired fashion accessories, costumes, and toys to help your child weave realistic storylines as she plays with them. Our intricately designed doll houses and accessories make ideal additions to stories and the playroom. Watch your children give shape to their dreams as they help Barbie save lives or rock the stage.

Soft toy dolls for children

At Hamleys, we understand that toys play an important role at every stage of your child’s growth. Our plush dolls make ideal companions in early childhood. They are soft and smooth, making them safe for your child to play with, while their inspiring avatars as a nurse, doctor and teacher are sure to stimulate thought. Make these toys part of your child’s playdate to encourage her to share toys and interests and bond with friends. Don’t worry about stains as our soft dolls for girls and boys are made out of washable fabric. With a quick wash, they’ll be as good as new.

For children who like to set the stage before playing with their baby dolls, we offer doll sets with a host of accessories. So, your child can brush her doll’s teeth with a toy toothbrush and toothpaste before putting her to bed or slip a sippy cup in her mouth to feed her. Dolls with a talkback feature will encourage your child to be more expressive and social. These playsets not only keep your child entertained but can also help them develop positive habits through play.

If your children are movie buffs, they’ll love our dolls modelled on movie characters. There are several Disney princesses for your child to choose from. Apart from toys, you can choose from an extensive collection of cosmetics & jewellery for little girls. Do your daughter’s hair and nails with colourful Simba hair accessories and nail paints. Let her explore her love for dressing up & costume with nail art kits and glittering tattoo pens. Right from Harry Potter necklaces and bracelets to Disney princess themed lip balms, Hamleys has it all. After she’s done playing dress-up, don’t forget to take that snapshot and preserve her look for years to come.

Best doll sets at Hamleys

The toys available here are like no other because we at Hamleys go the extra mile to understand what children want. Our toys are crafted to appeal to your little one’s curiosity and sense of wonder so that your child never has a dull moment. This is why we have the best dolls at any rate. Shop at Hamleys to gift your children dolls they will love playing with. Watch them have tea parties or cuddle with them during bedtime. Your child will always want a Hamleys toy by her side. 

Shopping at Hamleys is a joyful experience for you and your child. You can browse through a collection of over ten thousand toys, without leaving the comfort of your home. Toys of the highest quality will be delivered right to your doorstep. With a user-friendly website and an easy returns policy, shopping for toys at Hamleys is convenient and exciting.

With the toy dolls at Hamleys, UK’s premium toy retailer, your child can experience magic every day.